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An Adventure In Every Glass

Particular varieties of black tea, like the one you are enjoying, have been discovered by our Tea Ambassador Jeff Fuchs, a famous Canadian Tea explorer, muleteer, adventurer and author. Jeff spends his life travelling the tea routes and trails throughout the tea world. The Tea Horse Road is a 5000 km journey through India, Nepal, Tibet and China criss-crossing through the Himalayas on the highest tea trade route in the world. In this part of the world, Tea is often transported on the backs of mules and horses. Jeff’s journey is chronicled in his book “The Ancient Tea Horse Road.”

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Our black tea was discovered by this adventurer and comes from the lush green mountains of India. It is a robust flavorful variety prized by the locals in the area it is grown as the best of the best. The leaves are grown, plucked, fermented with enzymes to convert the green leaves to dark flavorful tea leaves, then soaked before the essence of the tea is extracted into a bright tea liquor. That rich and robust formula straight from nature is brought to our facility in New Jersey for fruit flavor addition, blending and bottling.

More About Jeff Fuchs

Jeff has lived for most of the past decade in Asia. His work has centered on indigenous mountain cultures, oral histories and an obsessive interest in tea. His photos and stories have appeared on three continents in World Geographic, Kyoto Journal, The Spanish Expedition Society, The Earth, The China Post Newspaper , Silkwinds , Outpost, The Toronto Star, and The South China Morning Post amongst others. Various pieces of his work are part of private collections in Europe, North America and Asia and he serves as the Asian Editor at Large for Outpost magazine.

He was granted the Wild China Explorer of the Year for 2011 for sustainable exploration of the Himalayan Trade Routes. Fuchs and trek partner Michael Kleinwort recently completed a month long expedition along with endurance along the ancient nomadic salt route at 4,000 metres – becoming the first ever westerners to do so.

As well as having consulted for National Geographic, his recent photo essay on nomads was a finalist for PDN/National Geographic Traveler’s international ‘World In Focus’ pro-photo contest.

Jeff has worked with schools and universities, giving talks on both the importance of oral traditions, tea and mountain cultures. He has spoken to the prestigious Spanish Geographic Society in Madrid on culture and trade through the Himalayas.

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His book ‘The Ancient Tea Horse Road’ (Penguin-Viking) details his eight-month groundbreaking journey traveling and chronicling one of the world’s great trade routes, The Tea Horse Road . Fuchs is the first westerner to have completed the entire route stretching almost six thousand kilometers through the Himalayas a dozen cultures.

He makes his home in ‘Shangrila’, in northwestern Yunnan, upon the eastern extension of the Himalayan range where tea and mountains abound; and where he leads expeditions with Wild China along portions of the Ancient Tea Horse Road.



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