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Teafresco is a wonderful new option in the world of Unsweetened, Non-alcoholic healthy beverages. This is a special Himalayan Tea, discovered by Jeff Fuchs, Tea Explorer. During the production process, tannins that give a better taste have been taken out. The tea is then flavored and bottled in our New Jersey factory. Teafresco comes in 6 delicious flavors. Teafresco is a 7:1 concentrate.

Teafresco comes in a 1 liter bottle and is a concentrate. It should be mixed 7 parts water to one part Teafresco and then add ice. So for a 16 ounce glass, one would use 1 oz, Teafresco, 7 oz water and 8 ounces of ice for a Perfect zero calorie, Zero Sweetened, Zero Carb refreshment. You can order an automatic 1 oz pourer to make measuring your 1 oz effortless. Or you can add 1 bottle to 2 gallons of water in a 3 gallon dispenser for parties. Of course for those with a sweet tooth you can add sugar or Agave to suit your taste. All of our Teas may be served as a hot tea by adding water as well. Additionally, Teafresco makes a great Low Calorie Cocktail. Please see our cocktail menu. Teafresco is OU Kosher Certified. Opened the bottle can stay unrefrigerated for 60 days. Unopened its good for 2 years.
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